The Benefits of Strength-Based Parenting

March 09, 2018

In your pursuit to be a good parent, you may be prone to focusing on your child’s mistakes in order to help them make better decisions. Punishing and reprimanding your child for faults is a natural instinct. In fact, if you focus on your child’s mistakes more than his or her strengths, it may be partially due to a historical bias. This negative bias may originate from a survival tactic used by ancient civilizations.

However, today we can benefit from research and learn from our history. Recent research overwhelmingly shows that focusing on the positive things will give your child more confidence, self-awareness, and a better self-image. You can be a strength-based parent by identifying and cultivating positive qualities in your children.

Recognition and Reinforcement

The first step of strength-based parenting is acknowledging your child’s skills and talents. Is your child better at sports or math? Whatever it is, recognize it and praise him or her for it. Take notice whenever your kid is kind or helpful to someone and reinforce that behavior. Learn to spot when he or she is doing subtle, positive things, such as sharing with friends or practicing self-control by refusing to watch TV until the homework is done. By recognizing and rewarding positive traits and actions, you foster inner-confidence in your child to develop those attributes further.

How Your Child Will Benefit

But what does the research actually show? When you practice strength-based parenting, your child will:

  • Understand his or her strengths.
  • Utilize these strengths to help them achieve academic goals.
  • Learn to proactively deal with conflict.
  • Have less stress.
  • Experience higher satisfaction and happiness in life.

When your child is made aware of what he or she is best at, the outcome is a higher level of life satisfaction.

You Will Benefit Too

Recognizing your child’s strengths doesn’t just benefit your son or daughter; it improves your confidence too. As you parent positively, you’ll be more confident in your role, find life more interesting, and experience more positive feelings about your child. While the core reason for positive parenting is to provide support and love to your child, it certainly doesn’t hurt that it will help you too.

Nurturing Your Child

Focusing on your child’s innate qualities and abilities will help them grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Encouraging your child to pursue his own interests and fostering a supportive environment at home will lead to a lifetime of education, gratitude, and overall well-being.

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